Mothers & Babies

Pregnancy. During pregnancy, the mother's body has to adapt to provide space for the growing baby. Ligaments will soften and her body weight will increase. This will affect her centre of gravity and her posture and have an influence on how muscles and joints are aligned and even affect the diaphragm and digestive system.
If the mother has had accidents or injuries in the past, or has an existing back problem, the muscles and joints may adjust to a less than ideal position so she may feel more discomfort as a result.
Expectant mothers present themselves to osteopaths because they suffer with sacroiliac problems, pubic symphasis dysfunction, aching legs, fatigue, back ache and neck ache.

The labour is likely to be more straightforward for both mother and baby if any aches, strains and imbalances are addressed prior to labour.

Post Pregnancy. Birth is a natural process, but it may be tiring for both mother and baby. During the birth, the pelvis and coccyx may have shifted/altered their alignment, especially if it is assisted by ventouse or forceps.
After the birth, the body has to recover from all the adjustments it made during pregnancy and labour. Mum is also having to make new movements such as breast feeding, carrying baby or putting a car seat into the car.
So mum may bring low back pain, mid back pain or neck pain symptoms to the osteopath.

Babies. The birth is a demanding process for a baby, especially if the process has to be assisted by forceps or ventouse. The sudden change of conditions for a baby born by Caesarean section can also be stressful. Some babies heads appear misshapen. This is a sign of the “moulding” that occurs during birth, especially if it has been long, assisted or baby was facing the wrong way.
Some babies are able to live with this moulding and are happy and content. Other babies find it difficult to cope and so may show signs of discomfort / irritation.

Parents bring their babies with a variety of problems, the most common being:

  1. Baby may be uncomfortable and unsettled.
  2. Baby takes a long time to feed and one feed merges into the next.
  3. Baby regurgitates milk and has spells/periods of crying due to wind or colic.
  4. Baby sleeps for only a short time, or may wake up as soon as they are laid down.

Children. The effects of moulding from birth can affect children as they grow. This may lead to other problems. Some of the reasons parents may take children to an osteopath for are:

  1. Ear infection/glue ear, regular infections
  2. Sinus and dental problems
  3. Poor concentration, constant fidgeting, difficulty sitting still
  4. Aches and pains, headache

These are the most common symptoms, but it is by no means an exhaustive list.