Client Testimonials

" My neck was so sore, I didn't know which way to turn - in fact I couldn't turn. Despite the best efforts of my doctor and the local Physiotheraphy Clinic, I was in constant pain and considered cancelling a holiday that required a long drive to Southampton. In desperation, I contacted Glasgow Osteopathy for help. After one session I was able to turn my head without pain, and could drive to Southampton the following day with confidence and in comfort. I cannot recommend Glasgow Osteopathy highly enough. "

Danny, Glasgow

" Over the period of a year I had suffered from a very painful neck, shoulder and back which was getting worse. I attended a Physiotherapist over a period of 4 months which I feel didn’t improve things any. A friend suggested I should try a Cranial Osteopath. I made an appointment to see Anna Potter, who was hands on from the very first appointment and I felt a huge improvement. After just 3 appointments the stiffness has significantly reduced and the pain has all but gone. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. "

Janice, Glasgow

After many months of deep tissue massage the pain I was experiencing in my shoulder, neck and head had not improved. I had almost accepted that the pain was permanent when I visited Anna Potter. After an initial free assessment, Anna said confidently that she could help and that is exactly what she did. A few sessions later, I was free of pain and still am. As a bonus, sore throats which had plagued me for decades suddenly disappeared - something which I thought would never happen. I highly recommend Anna for superb treatment given in a very friendly and professional manner.

J, Coatbridge

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