Work Related Injuries

Many millions of working days are lost each year in Britain, due to occupational injuries.

Whether you work in an office environment or outside you need to be able to cope with the demands made on your body by the sort of work you do.

Manual work carries the risk of injury caused by falls, lifting heavy and often awkward objects, overstretching, repetitive movements and periods of prolonged bending. These may cause back and neck injuries, sciatica, and muscle strains.

Desk work and hot desking can cause injuries such as neck strain, low back pain and arm/wrist pain as a result of repetitive movements, a badly positioned computer or incorrect adjustment of the chair, especially when another person has previously used it.

Driving for a living affects not only the back, neck and shoulders but also can affect hips, knees and feet, if the seat is poorly adjusted.

Retail / shop workers are often standing for prolonged periods or doing repetitive actions. This can give rise to low back pain, leg pain or neck / shoulder / arm pain.

These injuries may start off as an occasional niggling pain but may gradually increase until the pain is more frequent or constant.

An Osteopath can help to ease the pain and injuries caused. They may also give advice on how best to prevent further injury/strain. This may involve suggesting different ways of working or giving stretches to help keep muscles from becoming too tight.